Tips for Expecting Parents of Twins: Part II: What To Add To The Registry

Monday, April 21, 2014

Trying to figure out what baby gear to buy in double, and what you can get away with only buying one can be overwhelming for expecting parents of twins.

I asked some of my friends, who are also mommies of multiples, to help me generate a list of what you REALLY need to buy in double.  Here is what we came up with:

  • Two bouncy seats or two boppies-  You will need places to set the babies down when you have to run to the bathroom or grab a glass of water. Bouncy seats are great for babies with reflux because they keep them sitting in an upright position. 
  • A pack and play and diaper changing station in our main living area as well as one in our bedroom was very helpful. Prevented me from running up and down the stairs while recovering from the c-section. As they got older, having 2 pack in plays came in handy for traveling. 
  • Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleepers-  We discovered these a few months after the girls were born.  But had I known about these, I would have used them from day one.  See this post for more on the Rock and Play Sleepers. 
  • Diapers, wipes, and diaper cream-We went through appx. 24 diapers a day, in the beginning. One of my friends gave me a huge box of baby wipes for my baby shower.  It probably contained over 1,000 wipes.  I thought it would last us a year. Not even close.  Asking for diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream for shower gifts is really helpful. 
  • Burp cloths or cloth diapers to use as burp cloths and bibs- our girls had reflux so I know they had more than the average amount of spit-up but having a plethora of cloths and bibs helped decrease the need for frequent laundering. Keep a stash of these cloths in areas where you feed the babies.  
  •  If you plan on nursing, I would suggest using a double nursing pillow.  You may even want two.  One for your bedroom and one for the living room.  When you finally crawl into bed the last thing you want to do is run back downstairs because you forgot your nursing pillow and it's time for the babes to eat again. See this post for more on nursing twins
  •   If you decide to bottle feed plan on needing 16-20 bottles a day.  That also means having a large bottle drying rack/area and dishwasher bottle basket.
  • Two car seats were essential for getting us to those doctor appointments.
  • Baby Board Books- it is never too early to start reading to your kids! You can even read your favorite blog or newspaper article, just let them hear your voice:)  
  • Baby Jingle Toy or Rattles- my girls would stare peacefully when my husband and I would gently shake a toy or rattle. Especially ones with soft jingly sounds, bright colors, and faces.  

What To Get Away With Buying Only One: 

  • Double Tandem Stroller- a double tandem style was great for our first trips out. We used the Countors Double Tandem.  It was so long, I felt like I was chauffering a limo.  But, having the option to use the car seat adapters or seats, made our stroller a long term investment.
    Now, the girls prefer a side-by-side umbrella stroller or the 2-seater wagon for outings.  Some moms recommended the double snap and go.  It's an affordable and light weight stroller that holds infant carseats. 
  • Baby swing-  You may want to take turns between a bouncy seat and a swing.  Helps prevent boredom and saves on floor space
  • Bath tub- until the babies can sit up independently, you will probably only give one baby a bath at a time
  • White noise machine- this was so helpful. We now have two, but early on one was fine. 

What can wait?

  • We had two cribs set up in the nursery, but didn't use them until the girls were about 3-4 months old. 
  • My girls loved their mobiles.  They would sit in their bouncy seats, in their cribs, watching the mobiles while I folded and put away laundry.  But, we didn't use them regularly until they were sleeping in their cribs.  
  • Baby exersaucers are great for when they get a bit older, maybe 4 months or so. 

· I hope this list helps get you started.  

Moms of Multiples...What else am I forgetting?  Would love your comments and suggestions!  

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3 Responses to “ Tips for Expecting Parents of Twins: Part II: What To Add To The Registry ”

  1. This is a pretty great list! I really liked having a diaper changing station too. Although we only ever had one boppy and it was just fine for us. And diaper and wipes are seriously the best gift!!

    1. Thanks Katelyn. It's incredible how many diapers and wipes we went through that first year!

  2. Love this list! My favorite shower gifts were diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, baby shampoo and lotions. I actually was given enough to get me through until my twins were 7 months! Those are the items that we use the most! I was given Two used boppys and we used those everyday! I even got Two more for my babysitters house.


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