At-Home Color Wall/Book: A Simple Way To Teach Colors to One and Two Year Olds

Friday, April 25, 2014

When the girls were about one year old, I started introducing a color of the week.  I would show them a piece of construction paper in the color of the week and then point out a few things through out the days of that week that were in our color.

Pretty soon, the girls were naming colors like pros.

After we cycled through the colors once, I repeated the activity.  This time writing the name of the color on the construction paper.  I would then set out a few objects in various colors and the girls would search through those things to locate the ones that showed the color of the week.  I tried to find small objects like stickers, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc.. things that would be easy to glue down. I glued those objects onto the paper and then hung the paper on a designated wall in our playroom.  That wall soon became known as the color wall.
This activity was very challenging at first, so I would only set out three objects at a time.  With two of those objects being the same color.  As they got older and more skilled, I was able to set out more objects in different colors.

Once we cycled through all the colors again, I had the girls join in helping me find more objects around the house to add to our papers on the color wall.

The papers hung on the wall for quite some time until I decided to turn them into a book.  I created a cover and then trimmed the papers so they would each fit into a clear sheet protector.  I tied the sheet protectors together with ribbon so they formed a book.

Simple, yet effective!

Have fun learning colors together!

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