5 Easy to Make Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs for Toddlers and Preschoolers W/Free Printables

Thursday, April 3, 2014

With the Easter season upon us, and those little plastic Easter Eggs being sold in every store, I thought now would be a good time to share some of my favorite learning games that used plastic eggs.

1.  Hidden Numbers: 
To prepare for this activity,  I created spring pictures on picmonkey (click on picture below).
I cut out the ten slips of paper and  hid them inside a plastic egg.
Using an empty egg carton, I wrote the numbers 1-10 with a permanent marker, one in each egg slot.
When the girls opened the egg they counted the number of objects they saw and placed it into the corresponding numeral spot in the egg carton.  This game is a fun one to do together with young kids (my girls needed a lot of help with this one), but great for preschoolers/kindergartners.

2.  The Number Match Egg Hunt:

This is a game to reinforce numeral identification.  Using a permanent marker I printed the numbers 1-12 onto the bottom of 12 plastic eggs. I did the same to each slot in an egg carton.  I hid the eggs around the living room and had the girls find the eggs.  Once found, they placed each egg in its matching slot. ie.. the egg with the number 2 printed on it, went into the number 2 spot.

3.  Hidden Shapes:
For this activity I printed out two copies of the Crayola Basic Shapes 1 printable.  It's free on the Crayola website.
I colored in the shapes on one copy and cut them out.  I hid each shape in a plastic egg.  I had the eggs waiting in a special basket. The girls cracked open the eggs and placed the color shape on top of it's match on the second copy of the printable.   I think this game was Juliette's favorite.

4. Hidden Colors:

For this activity, I collected 12 different pom poms that I had leftover from various projects.  I then painted the inside of each egg slot in an old egg carton using paint colors that matched my dozen poms.  I placed one pom in a plastic egg and then hid the twelve eggs around the house.  The girls found the eggs, cracked them open and placed the pom in the matching painted egg slot. This game was probably Genevieve's favorite.

5.  Hidden Letters:

I hid alphabet letters inside the eggs.  I used plastic ones from our Leapfrog toy.  Having the girls crack open the eggs and id the letters was enough fun for us! However, for an added challenge, use only uppercase letters. Print the lowercase alphabet I created on picmonkey (see below). As you crack open the eggs, place the uppercase letter on the corresponding lowercase letter.

Happy Easter! 

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  1. Some great ideas here! Thanks for linking up to this weeks Parenting Pin it Party

  2. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing! Stopped by from the HDYDI link party! www.robynslittlenest.com


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