Winter One-derland Birthday Party: Food, Favors, and Games

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Earlier this week I shared my niece's Winter One-derland birthday party (click here to see) created by my talented sister, Melinda.

I wanted to add on to that previous post and share more with you today.


Following the winter theme, my sister used a small snowflake cookie cutter to cut out snowflake shaped cucumbers and cantaloupe. 

She also created snowball marshmallows by dipping the marshmallow in melted blue candy melts and sprinkling snowflakes on top before the candy had completely cooled.  

There was also a lot of yummy food like buffalo chicken dip, mac and cheese, and a hot dog fixings bar with things like chili and cheese. 

This adorable cake was crated by a local baker in Hamilton, MD.  


1. Snowman bowling made from Styrofoam cups.
2. Pin the pieces on the Snowman. 
3. Make your own snowman or arctic animals from Play-do. 


She created this sweet adoption center for all the kids to take home a little seal.  I know it's hard to see, but the sign says "Can you give one of my polar friends a home?  I know it would make them snow very happy!" 

One More Thing

She had hairbows made for her girls from Etsy shop SweetestBugBows.  
It was such a wonderful party! 

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