A Color Game for Toddlers

Monday, February 24, 2014

This is a simple, easy to make color identification game that my girls love to play.  

1.  Small color squares cut from construction paper
2.  Special Bag (or a decorated brown paper lunch bag)
3.  Large Color Cards with objects* (see below for details)
4.  Extra Handmade Color Cards that you want to add**  

1.  Put the small color squares inside the special bag.
2.  On the floor spread out the large color cards that you bought or made face-up.  To keep the game contained, I  keep the cards within a 4 feet by 4 feet area.
3.  Pull a small square out of the bag and hold it up to show your toddler. Either say the color or have her identify it. 
4. Then, she races to stand on the matching large color card.  Have her shout out the color and object she is standing on.  
For example, if I pull the small red card, my girls shout, "Red" and race to stand on top of the large red tomato card.  They then shout, "Red Tomato!"
5. After my girls stand on the matching card, they like to place the small card on top of the large one.  
6.  Repeat until all small color cards are gone. 

This game takes a few practices where you will need to model racing to the correct card and shouting out the color and object.  But before you know it, your little one will catch on and have fun playing a new game.  

To make introducing this game easier... 
I started by using only 3 or 4 different colors that my girls could easily identify.  Then, I added a few more cards each time we played.  

*The color cards I use are f DK My First Colors and Shapes (pictured above).  I ordered mine through Amazon.  
**I chose to add a few extra colors of my own that weren't included in this set.  You can add new colors at any time! 

I hope you and your little lovebugs have fun playing together! 

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