More Stuck Inside Fun for Toddlers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are definitely experiencing a cold and icy/snowy winter here in Maryland this year.

Being stuck inside isn't much fun for a two year old (or for their Mama).

Luckily, this Mama has a few tricks up her sleeve to help keep my twins entertained on days like this.

I thought I would share two of our new favorite games that require little prep work and supplies you probably have in your house.

1.  The Cover Up Your Name Game:
This "game" is really a preschool learning activity in disguise!
I wrote each girl's name on a sentence strip (you can use any paper, I just had some strips handy) careful to leave lots of space between each letter (little hands need room to maneuver and you don't want a frustration tantrum because every time she places one letter down she accidentally swipes another letter out of place).
Next, I wrote the name again on a separate sentence strip, cutting apart each letter.  The girls had so much fun matching the cut up letters to the ones in their name.
The activity provided a great opportunity for us to talk about the letters we were using and how we can use the letters to make names.   After a while, they decided to switch up and spell each other's name.  Next time, I plan to add Mama, Papa, and Camden (our cat) to the mix.

The Teacher In Me Note:  This is a great age to begin sharing that everything has a name and we can speak, read, and write that name.  

2. The Scooping and Pouring Game:
Sorry these names are so lame.  I guess I need to work on that!
This game is exactly what it sounds like.  I gave the girls some containers and a scoop.  I poured red lentils (happened to have extra in my pantry, but you can use any kind of bean or legume) into one of those containers and stood back letting the girls have fun scooping and pouring.  During the activity, we talked about which container had more lentils and which had none.  More, less, and none are big concepts to practice with toddlers.
While sweeping up little red lentils after the game was finished, I realized I should have laid out the shower curtain that I use under our easel to make clean up easier.  Oh well, next time!

I hope you have fun trying out these games with your little ones.

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  1. Great ideas! My toddlers need lots of indoor games with this cold weather. Thanks for sharing!


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