Lucky Leprechaun Coins: Alphabet Matching Game

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I was walking around Michael's the other day when I came across some gold leprechaun coins.  I immediately thought of creating an alphabet matching game for the girls to play. 

If I had an  alphabet chart with only uppercase letters, I would have used that.  But I didn't. So, I created one using a large foam board and some poster letters that I also found at Michael's.  I added some leftover bulletin board border using sticky tabs to make it a bit prettier. :) 

I used a sharpie to print  a lowercase letter onto each coin.  Of course there were only 24 coins in one pack,  so I needed to buy two to get all 26 letters.  Since the shamrocks on the coins are raised, I had a bit of trouble printing the lowercase letters.  It's hard to see in the photos, but I had to print very small. I think I will pick up some alphabet stickers to use on the coins next time I'm out.

Then came the fun part...
Finding a hidden coin in the shopping cart

The girls work together to place the coins on the alphabet chart
I hid 4 lucky leprechaun coins at a time in the family room.  The girls raced around the room searching for a coin and then would bring it over to the alphabet chart to place it on the corresponding uppercase letter.  

Although they don't know all their lowercase letters, they still had fun finding the hidden coins and matching the ones they do know.  I'm there to help with the trickier ones.   I've noticed that the more we play, the more letters they are able to match.  :)
This game was very easy to make and a lot of fun.  Genevieve has asked to play "letters",as she calls it, at least three times a day since I introduced it to them. I think it's the coins that draw them in, but whatever it is I'm happy they are having fun while learning!  
Check back soon for more fun St. Patrick's Day activities.  

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  1. Oh, I love this! I love finding new ways to teach the alphabet to my daughter for when she gets older.
    Michael's is a dangerous place for me to go. I somehow always end up spending like 3x as much as I had intended on going in there. lol


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