Ladybug Valentines with Free Printable

Monday, February 10, 2014

I wanted to share with my girls the tradition of handing out Valentines. 
I know they are only 2! But, it's never too early to feel the joy in giving someone an unexpected treat.

Having just thrown a Ladybug Birthday Party, I had some leftover supplies to use up!

I know how busy life can be and that holidays can sneak up on you too quickly, so I wanted to include the simple printable I created.  Just click on this link Ladybug Valentine and the pdf will open as a google doc.  

One printable page will make two cards. 
*I made this Valentine to be given out by my twins.  If this card will be from one person be sure to change "We" to "I".  You can also add your kids' names or have them sign the card.  

After printing, I cut on the dotted lines and folded each card in half.  For a cute touch, I added two ladybug stickers that I had picked up from Michael's.   

For the goodies inside the bag, I used leftover ladybug mints that I found at Party City.  I also added a few chocolate kisses.  Still trying to use up those leftover supplies, I decided to put ladybug and heart stickers on the bottom of the kisses.  Below is a picture of the sticker book I used.  I found it at Michael's just after Christmas.   

The bag is a simple snack sized sandwich baggie about 6 1/2" wide.   

When the treat bag was ready, I stapled my folded card on top.  That's it!  Now we are ready to hand out our Valentines to family and friends. 

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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