Counting on Hearts: Valentine Counting Activity/ Decoration

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here's a quick Valentine themed activity to help little ones with counting objects.  

To make this activity, I wrote the numbers 1-5 on paper hearts.  I then drew corresponding circles on each heart.  For example one circle on the number 1 heart, two on the 2 heart, etc...

I used little clothespins that I found in the Target dollar bins last year to attach the hearts in sequential order to a piece of ribbon.  That way I could hang the activity as a decoration when we weren't using it.  

Then, the girls and I worked together counting poms while placing them on the little circles on each heart.  

After a few tries together, they had fun counting on their own.  

*Trying to put small objects on small circles is really challenging for a 24 month old. So,in order to keep frustration levels down, I made sure to demonstrate that the poms didn't have to be perfectly in the circle.  My purpose for this activity was working on one-to-one correspondence(counting in sequence while touching or placing objects), the fine motor practice was just an added benefit:) 

As a classroom teacher, I learned a valuable lesson early in my career.  In order to keep kids interested in repeating an activity, try changing it up a bit.  Just enough to make it fun again.  So, if you used poms to count this time, try using stickers, cereal, or little toys in the future.  

Have fun counting!

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