Stuck Inside Toddler Day Fun: 3-D Snowman Painting

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stuck inside on another freezing cold day!!!  Perfect time for a snowman craft. 

  1.  I cut out snowman shapes from white construction paper
  2. Next, I mixed together shaving cream ( I used Barbasol-it's really foamy and works great for this activity) and  Elmer's Glue. I don't have exact measurements, but I put a glob of shaving cream on a paper plate and then added a good amount of glue, mixing until it formed a puffy, sticky consistency. 
  3. The girls painted the shaving cream glue mixture onto the snowman cutouts (see above).    
  4. We let the snowman dry overnight. 
  5. Finally, I added some googly eyes, a carrot nose, and drew on a mouth using a black marker. 
Cute, easy, and fun!  My kind of project.

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