Start the New Year Learning: Letter Recognition Ideas You CAN Do at Home-1

Thursday, January 2, 2014

This month I thought we would start off the new year by focusing on little ways to incorporate learning into your child's day.  (I guess that's the teacher in me!)

Focus On Letter Recognition 

Daily Letter Board: (ages 1 - preschool)

Find a place in your home where your child will see the letter of the day every day, multiple times throughout the day.  Repetition and constant exposure are key!
For us that's in our playroom.  
I used painters tape to attach a large piece of paper and some boarder to the wall. On the paper I attached 3 strips of magnetic tape to hold the cards. Nothing too fancy here!

I wrote the uppercase and lowercase letters on large index cards. ABC flashcards would work well, too.

To prevent overwhelming the girls, I like to introduce new concepts in baby steps.  For a few months, we  focused on uppercase letters only. After the girls had a good handle of the letters, I began to add 1-2 word cards to the board.  These cards were from the dollar bins at Target last spring.  But, you can find pictures anywhere from flashcards (like the ones I have) to pictures from magazines that you cut out. My girls especially like when I use photos of family and friends.    

I make a big deal about changing the letter of the day by coming up with a silly cheer to pep up the girls.  Then in the same excited voice I go over the letter, it's phonetic sound, and the word cards that start with today's letter.  Sesame street uses a cute song to share letters and sounds.  I just change the song to fit today's word and letter.  Here's a you tube video that shows the song.  It's not the best quality, but you can at least see what I'm talking about.

Sharing your excitement for learning is contagious!

Throughout the day, I constantly look for ways to bring the letter of the day board back into focus.  As we put on our shoes to go outside, "What's the letter of the day?"  As we go upstairs to eat lunch, "What's the letter of the day?"  You get it.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.

My girls developed a natural curiosity of letters at an early age.  I want to nurture their interests and help to develop their talents, so that's why we started learning letters so early.  But, if your 1 year  old isn't interested in letters right now, then try again later.  Find what your child enjoys and go with it!  

I plan to share more activities with you soon, so be sure to check back!
Thanks for visiting:) 

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