Friday Review: emeals- Easy Family Dinner Plans

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I knew I needed help when sitting down and planning weekly dinners and roaming the grocery store with twins became too time consuming and stressful. That's when a very wise friend (also a new mommy) recommended emeals.

Emeals is a weekly meal plan that you select based on your family size and food preference. I receive the weekly dinner plan, but they also have breakfast and lunch add-on options.

You receive the plan and grocery list via e-mail every Wednesday.  You can also download your plan on the company's website or use one of their mobile apps.

I started using emeals about 11 months ago after purchasing a groupon that gave me a years worth of meal planning for about $30.  If you decide to give emeals a try, be sure to check groupon.  I still see emeals deals popping up.

I began by selecting the clean eating meal plan for 2. The recipes made plenty of food for my husband and I plus extras for me to puree or give as finger foods to the girls. When the girls were about 16 months old I changed our plan to the family menu, which says it serves 3-6. I always have leftovers.  You are able to change your plan option once a month, if you so chose.  After a few months of the clean eating plan I wanted to try something new, so I switched to the portion control plan.  There was a lot of days where chicken was the star. Although I am not a vegetarian any more, I don't eat anything with four legs and I like to keep my poultry intake to once or twice a week. So, I found myself cutting out too many meals.  That's when I switched to the Natural and Organic Family Meal Plan. Although I still cut out a few meals a week, that's ok with me. Some nights we will have leftovers, make something quick, or order out. I also find it easy to substitute ingredients every now and then (ie. fish for chicken or ground turkey for ground beef).


Easy to read and follow recipes
Comes with a printable grocery list
11 different meal plans to chose from
Good variety of daily plans 
Saves time- your whole week is laid out in front of you
Gives you prep and cook times 
Mobile App 
Special Occasion Plans are included at no extra cost (ex. Vacation Menu, Father's Day Menu...)


Inability to modify plans to specific preferences (ie. seafood only, no brussel sprouts)
Very few grocery store specific options
Occasionally may need extra side dishes to add in more fruits or veggies

Would I recommend emeals?

If you find weekly meal planning time consuming and stressful or are tired of choosing the same boring meals over and over again then e-meals is for you! 
 Low Country Boil Recipe from Natural and Organic Plan. Yummy!!!

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