Who's In My Family? On a Map

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I love looking through the dollar bins at Target. This week I found a map of the United States which reminded me of an activity I read about a few years ago.

We have a large family, my husband has three brothers and I have sisters. Over the years, our families have spread out across the country. My girls don't often get to see many of their aunts, uncles, and cousins. However, I still want them to know their names and faces.  So, by purchasing an inexpensive map I have an easy display to place the photos of our relatives.  My girls are 18 months old, so for now pictures of our loved ones' smiling faces are great. We can orally go over the names together. But, as they get older adding the written names to the pictures and their relationships (ie, cousin, aunt, etc...) and eventually using string and push pins to id exact states will help modify this activity to add new learning concepts.

Tip:  Never know what to do with all those beautiful photo Christmas cards?  Do like I did and recycle them onto this display. 

I still have more pictures to add, I'm sure this will be an ongoing project. But that's the greatness of this display! Hang it up in a visible area in your home and your family might not feel so far away.

Hope you enjoy and have fun making your own family photos map.

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