Wedding Bags for Toddlers- Keeping Busy As Wedding Guests

Monday, July 29, 2013

Last weekend we attended a beautiful wedding for my husband's cousin.

I was a bit nervous bringing 18 month old twins to such a formal event. I knew I had to keep the girls entertained.  That's where the wedding bags came in to play.  I put together an activity bag for each girl.
Everything in the bag had to meet certain requirements..
1) new or haven't seen in a while toys that could keep the girls entertained
2) could be played with quietly at the church
3) easy to transport and clean up
4) relatively mess free

Below is an example of one wedding bag (the other was exactly the same):

flower " purse"- gift from Aunt used to hold items
necklaces and bracelets- Dollar Store
Ocean Foam Stickers- Michael's Arts and Crafts
Mini Slinky- Michael's Arts and Crafts
Ice cream cone bubbles- from Cousin's birthday party
The cocktail hour was outside, so the bubbles worked out great! Even their older cousins had a fun time blowing and popping them.

Overall, everything went smoothly! The girls had such a great time playing with their new toys, listening to the musicians, and clapping for everything.  So even though after the bride walked down the aisle, the pianist and singers would finish a song, or a reading came to an end and a pair of "yays" and claps would rise up in the crowd from the back, I think everything went wonderfully!

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