Visiting the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

As a stay at home mom, I am always looking for things to do. My husband and I decided to become members at the Maryland Zoo. The girls are under two so admission is free. We purchased a membership for two adults.  After the initial membership cost, the trip is relatively free. Always free parking and I usually pack a lunch for me and the girls.

My husband, the girls, and I went to the zoo this past weekend with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and their two kids. Despite the 90 degree humid weather, we had a great time. Sure we were hot, but the zoo provides misting fans throughout, and we packed lots of water.  I like to sweat every now and then, makes me think I am getting in an extra workout. The crowd was light, probably becasue of the heat, so we saw everything. Including feeding time for the penguins and gorillas! 

Some of the hills in the zoo are killer, especially when pushing the double jogging stroller.  But, I like to bring the side-by-side stroller to the zoo. The girls get a better view than in our front-to-back double stroller. Although be warned, the last door heading into the Children's section is a very tight squeeze. Take it an angle and find a kind volunteer to hold the door wide open for you. 

Our jogging stroller (picture is from a zoo trip last Sept. I wanted to show you the stroller) 

The zoo is easy to navigate, consisting of two main sections. There's the children's zoo where you can find things like the bog, the barnyard and petting zoo. My girls are especially fond of the otters, the sheep, and the goats. You can even groom the goats! My niece, who is eight, loves jumping on the lily pads in the bog section. Prepare to get your feet wet!   The other main area is the Africa exhibit. There you can see everything from zebras, giraffes, and rhinos, to warthogs, gorillas, and cheetahs. There is a small snack type concession stand and a restroom located just past the current penguin exhibit. But the main concession stand is in the children's section. The polar bears are off in their own area. It's a really cool exhibit for school age kids to check out.  Feels like you are a researcher in the south pole!
The zoo is adding a new and improved penguin exhibit by the main entrance. I am super excited for it to open! I love those little guys. 
  Girls running through the misting fan

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