Sensory Egg Carton

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yesterday, I posted a color sorting activity that was made from an old egg carton.  That reminded me of a sensory activity that I had made for the girls when they were probably about 9 months old. Sensory activities help to stimulate infants or young children's senses. In this case I focused on seeing, touching, and hearing.

I found objects that I had around the house that moved, sparkled, made noises, and had various textures.  I hot glued them firmly into place into an empty egg carton.
The girls would try and try to tug the objects out of the carton, but the hot glue held firmly in place. They loved to touch the  objects as I would use words to describe them.  For example, there is the rough, blue sponge; the furry, red pipe cleaner; the squishy, blue sponge; the bumpy red and white beads; the soft feather; the smooth pink ribbon; and the sparkly, silver ribbon. They especially loved shaking the carton to move the googly eyes.  We would also sit quietly and listen to the different sounds. I would hold the carton close to their little ear and make sounds like the rattling of the eyes or the scratching sound of the fabric as I rubbed it between my fingers.

Making sensory cartons is a fun and easy way to expose infants to new objects and concepts, helping to broaden their little worlds.
You could even make a sensory carton based on a theme like the beach or outdoors. Just use objects that would be found in those places.

Have fun being creative by making your own sensory carton!.

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