Make Your Own Felt Board

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We try to go to Storytime at our local library once a week.
My girls love when the librarian tells stories and rhymes using the felt board. I thought I would try making my own.

Turned out to be way easier then I thought. All you need to get started is a 20" x 30" foam board, 24" x 34" piece of felt, a staple gun, and extra pieces of felt to make the shapes.

I laid the board on top of the felt and used my staple gun to attach.  I started at the top of the board folding the felt tightly over and continued stapling until all four sides were complete.  I went back and added a few more staples. I tried to place a staple every 3-4 inches.  I wanted to make sure the felt couldn't easily be ripped off. A few minutes later and we had our very own portable felt board.

I used individual felt pieces in different colors to cut out some basic shapes.  You can buy felt squares at most craft stores.
The girls have been loving the DK Baby Touch and Feel Color and Shape book recently, so I thought we could practice shapes and colors on our new felt board. Plus, this was an easy place for me to start. I am working on some monkeys to use to tell "Five Little Monkeys", but it's slow going. I'll have to post when I'm finished:)

Looks like we have a new favorite toy! Even with all the awesome technology our little ones get to use, who knew an old fashioned felt board could still be this much fun!

Photographing the two of them together at the same time, is so challenging right now:)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Christina! Congrats on your new blog. ;) ~ Megan Vaughn


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