How to Make the Easiest Hair Bows Ever

Monday, July 22, 2013

The girls' hair is growing so quickly. I am hoping their bangs will grow out soon. But for now, I find myself putting bows in their hair to pull back their bangs.  Unfortunately, they don't like to keep the bows in their hair. So we are constantly losing bows at the store, in the car, around the house, everywhere.   I decided against continuing to spend a small fortune in hair bows and learn how to make my own. 

There are a ton of sites that show you how to make all sorts of cute bows, but I needed something super easy. So armed with a few store bought bows to use as samples, ribbon, scissors, and a hot glue gun I took to making my own.  

Here's how...

1. You will need scissors, a hot glue gun, alligator clips (the ones below are from Michael's Arts and Crafts), and ribbon. I like to make my bows using two different ribbons, but you can use one color, if you prefer. The black ribbon is 1/4" thick and the black polka dot ribbon is 3/8" thick (both from JoAnn Fabrics).  The ribbon needs to be wide enough to cover the alligator clip.

2.  Chose the ribbon you would like to use to cover the alligator clip and make the bow. Note: For demonstration purposes I am using different ribbon. It's a 3/8" strawberry ribbon from JoAnn's. My other photos were too blurry.  Add a small dab of hot glue to the inside bottom of the clip and holding the ribbon face up stick the ribbon on the glue. Wait for about 10 seconds and close clip.  

3.Then, add a strip of hot glue on the outside bottom of the clip. wrap the ribbon around and hold in place for a few seconds. 

4. Continue adding hot glue on the clip and wrapping the ribbon around as you go. 

5. Finally, finish off covering the clip by cutting off just a little extra ribbon long enough to wrap it around the inside top of the clip. Add a dab of hot glue inside the clip. Attach the ribbon. Hold a few seconds to make sure glue is dry.  I don't cover the clips completely with ribbon because the alligator teeth help to hold it in place. My girls have very fine hair. 

6. Once you have the clip covered with ribbon, you can move on to making the bow. 

7. Begin by cutting two strips of ribbon each about 4 1/2" long. 

8.   Add a dab of hot glue to one end of the ribbon. Attach the opposite end to make a loop. Do this with both 4 1/2" pieces of ribbon. 

9.  Add a drop of hot glue to the inside bottom of one loop. Press the top of the loop down onto the glue. Repeat with the other loop. 

10.  Add a drop of hot glue on the top center of one loop. Press the second loop on top and hold into place to form a bow. 

11. Now to wrap the bow. Start by using hot glue to attach the other ribbon to the back of your bow. Wrap the ribbon around the front and back under.  Then, cut so that the ribbon slightly overlaps. Use another drop of hot glue to firmly attach the ribbon to the back of the bow. 

12. Once your bow is complete put a drop of hot glue in the center of your wrapped clip. Attach the bow to the clip. 

13.  That's it! Enjoy your new hair bow! 

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