Friday Review: The Diaper Bag What's A Twin Mama To Do?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Having twins means having double the things to stuff in a diaper bag.  When I was pregnant and first began shopping around for a diaper bag I knew I wanted something large and roomy with multiple pockets. I also knew I wanted an easy access pocket for my cell phone.

Take 1

After many, many weeks of searching, I finally settled on this bag from Skip Hop.

It's lightweight, has eleven pockets and a zip top closure (also important to me as I am forever dropping my purse and spilling things).

I loved the colors and the style.  I tried to pick something that wasn't too girly so my husband wouldn't feel embarrassed if he needed to tote it around.

It has two pockets on the front to store bottles.  However, I found that my bag was so stuffed that bottles wouldn't fit in those front pockets. I instead used those pockets for quick reach items like hand sanitizer and tissues. Although this meant also carrying around a little black lunchbox that I would pack with bottles and and an ice-pack. Thank goodness for Mommy Hooks.

The back of the bag has a pocket for a changing pad that comes with it. I would also use this pocket to store wipes and diapers. I needed that quick access when trying to change two diapers smooched in a stall with a double stroller in a crowded restroom.  I found that I needed to carry four-six diapers in the bag with an extra four stored in my car.

This bag served me well through the first year. But as my girls grew, so did the size of their items.  I quickly realized I needed something different.

Take 2

I started keeping a small tote bag in the car that housed essentials that I didn't necessarily need to lug around all the time. In that bag I keep...
extra diapers
plastic bags (to use as trash bags for diapers and such)
disposable bibs and place mats
2 light jackets/sweaters
2 extra complete outfits
2 hats/ sunhats
2 sunglasses
2 light blankets
2 pairs of socks

Take 3

Even with the "car tote bag", I found that I still needed a new diaper bag.  I can't carry around 40+pounds of babies, a bag, and a purse, so my diaper bag needs to serve double duty.  I wanted a bag that could be used as a backpack. Since the girls are older and can sit in a shopping cart, I often find myself quickly carrying them both across the parking lot and into the store where they keep the shopping carts with the double seats. Having the option to wear the diaper bag as a backpack is a lifesaver.

My husband came across this diaper bag on one morning and I was sold.  It's a Ju Ju Be Convertible Backpack. You can use it as a backpack or a messenger bag.  I love it!

It's lightweight, padded, and comfy.

There are two Thinsulate insulated drink holders on the side of the bag (much better than the front for us).

It has two large pockets with strong magnetic closures on the front and one pocket for storing the memory foam changing pad on the back. The front pockets each have a few mini pockets to make finding items even easier. There is also a clip to attach your keys. No more searching!

The inside has an antimicrobial lining and the whole thing is Teflon to prevent stains from sticking.

I've been very happy with my new bag. Unfortunately, I don't think they carry this style anymore. But, their website shows some pretty great updated similar bags.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these diaper bags, Christina. I've been looking into what works best for twins. I'm excited to follow your blog and what tips you have to share in the future.


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