Color Sorting

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kids have a natural desire to make sense of their world.  Sorting objects provides toddlers with excellent learning opportunities and it's fun, too.  

I'm a big fan of reusing the empty egg carton. There are a ton of uses for this versatile little contraption. Here is a really easy one...

I took an empty egg carton and cut off the top. I then cut the bottom half into two separate strips. Perfectly designed for twins:) 
My girls love sorting colors right now, so I used a bit of Crayola Paint and added a different color to each egg holder. I let the paint dry overnight. 

I gave each of my girls a painted egg carton strip and matching pom poms. I loved seeing how they naturally chose to place the matching pom pom on the corresponding color. Well, one of my girls did this right away. She is a big organizer/sorter.  My other daughter placed two poms in the crate randomly and then said, "no, no", picked them out, and put them on the matching color. I love seeing how their little brains function!  

Don't have any spare pom poms laying around the house?  You can sort all sorts of objects. 
Legos, cereal, stickers, balls, etc... Be creative and have fun sorting!

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